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Get Into The Rhythm

“The best way to learn is through the powerful force of rhythm.” - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ironically, as I sit here writing this blog post about the importance of sleep I’m feeling groggy and having a hard time concentrating due to not getting enough sleep last night! My 14-year-old was in a baseball tournament this weekend. Yesterday his team played three back-to-back games and we were up early to get ready and out the door and didn’t return until almost 11:30 pm. It was a long, hot day in the sun and we were exhausted by the time we got home. This morning we were up by 6 am and out the door by 8 am. Needless to say, no one got enough sleep last night. There are definitely times when you can’t help not getting the optimal amount of sleep. This instance was one of them.

Usually, we have a lot more control over our sleep patterns than we realize. This week during the 30 Day Self-Care Challenge we are going to break down SLEEP. We will take a look at your sleep hygiene; getting into a rhythm, creating healthy sleep habits, a sleep sanctuary, and a sleep routine are essential to getting your zzz’s.

Let’s start in your bedroom where the magic happens (no, not that kind of magic, though sex does help with sleep!) Your bedroom should be for two things- sex and sleep. It should be a sanctuary; a place where you feel relaxed, comfortable, and peaceful. Here are some simple ideas to get you started.

1- Clear your room of papers and clutter. Nothing squashes relaxation like a bunch of papers that remind you of things that you have to do!

2- Dust and clean your room and add a houseplant. Plants are thought to be beneficial by possibly helping to detoxify the air you breathe while providing the beauty of nature.

3- Take stock of your bed. How old is your mattress? Are your pillows supportive and bedding comfortable? Even