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Exercise Resources

To learn about the other Seeds of Self-Care and how they are connected, click on each of the images below.

When it comes to exercise, the American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity. That means that if you have never worked out in your life, but would agree to move your body in some way for 20 consecutive minutes everyday, you would be on your way to a significantly healthier you than if you continue to do nothing at all.


Taking a walk, playing with the dog, and even vacuuming or performing other light housework chores can put you on your way to physical health. Check out these energy equivalent activities to tailor your individual exercise routine.  Gym memberships and the latest and greatest “clique clubs” can produce amazing results if utilized consistently, but can be very expensive for some of us, making it difficult to maintain the practice. If you can afford these places, they are great for building community with like-minded individuals who encourage one another. But our main goal is to GET IT DONE, so if these clubs won’t work for your budget, let’s find another solution. Free exercise websites like Fitness Blender and Do Yoga With Me offer workouts of varying lengths and intensity, so you can start where you are and increase your challenge level as you get stronger in your fitness practice. Get yourself an accountability partner if you need extra encouragement or consider one of our coaching packages to help get you started.


When you commit to taking care of your physical health, you create a healthier mental outlook, which fosters healthier relationships and, ultimately, a stronger community.

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