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Meditation, or prayer, or what I like to call “taking a f@#$ing minute” or “TFM” if you like acronyms, is absolutely, 100% essential to our self-care practice. It’s really a no brainer. Pun totally intended. If you didn’t get that it’s because you’re thinking too hard. If you didn’t get  THAT, it’s because you can’t sit still long enough to allow it to sink in. 

Seriously, though, the positive health implications that come with taking a specific amount of time each day to go within are actually measurable. - A study done on meditation and mental health showed that people who meditated more frequently, as little as 20 minutes each week,  reported less difficulty with emotion regulation and higher levels of well-being. Another study from Columbia University shows that people who regularly practice some form of meditation have a thicker pre-frontal cortex, helping to safeguard against depression. Meditation is extremely beneficial in prolonging the ability to focus on any specific task, thus increasing productivity and brain health.

While meditation has its roots in ancient religions, the health benefits the practice provides has nothing to do with praying to or worshiping any specific God or Goddess. Its main purpose is to facilitate a calm and clear mental and emotional state. –  All you have to do is pick a quiet place and set a timer for 10 minutes. Focus on your breathing. In and out. In and out. That’s it! There are a variety of postures to choose from when it comes to meditation. Being comfortable and free from pain or discomfort is most important.


Now that you understand how easy it is to begin a meditation practice, what are you waiting for? Your brain will thank you. Your blood pressure will thank you. Your friends and family will be oh, so thankful that you have finally figured out the connection between taking a f#$%ing minute and living with less anxiety and fear and more joy and inner peace. Problems in our lives aren’t going anywhere. It’s how we choose to react when the going gets rough that will make all the difference. 


Go within everyday and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out.

– Katherine Dunham

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