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Corporate Wellness

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Corporate ConnectED Workshops™

In a world where we are bombarded with distractions that leave us depleted both physically and energetically, we offer the tools to reverse this degenerative process and create a blueprint that facilitates optimal living.


Our Corporate ConnectEd Workshops educate employees about the connection between The Four Seeds of Self-Care: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise & Meditation. Your employees are individuals that bring different talents and strengths to your company. Likewise, there is no one size fits all prescription for wellness. We help your employees discover ways in which they can incorporate simple changes to their lifestyle with personalized, practical tools. Once they experience the benefits of getting better sleep, eating well, moving their bodies and taking time to be still, they will be motivated to take more steps towards better health!


Studies show that habits that support a healthy lifestyle decrease healthcare costs of preventable diseases, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. Perhaps more importantly, once employees experience the personal benefits of reduced stress, increased energy, and a positive mindset, employee morale is boosted and employees are happier!

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