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Online Events

February 1-28, 2023

Facebook and Instagram Virtual Event

Join us for our February Self-Love Challenge! Each week will be dedicated to one of The Four Seeds of Self-Care- Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and Meditation.

Healthy Woman
February Self-Love Challenge

Saturday, December 3rd from 11am-2pm

Join us as we help you focus on making your goals and life's purpose a reality.

ConnectEd Workshop

Coming soon...Be the first to know!


Join us in the conversations that will help you redefine what it means to

Be Self-Centered ™.

Community Connects: The Self-Centered Woman Podcast

Join the year-long adventure to live lives that honor ourselves first, thus creating a balanced foundation to achieve our goals, strengthen our relationships, and give back to our community.

Self-Centered Women: Journey Within 2023
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