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What's your WHY?

“A WHY provides a clear filter for decision making.”- Simon Sinek

UPS delivered a book to me today. Now I ordered a book, but the book that showed up was not the one that I ordered. My immediate question was “why?” Which is kind of funny, because the title of the book is “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek. Did I order the wrong book by mistake? Did someone order it for me? Did my husband order it?

Why? It’s the most basic question. Maybe even the first question when as young children we begin to form words and sentences. I remember when my own children first began asking “Why?” My guess is that if you are a parent, you remember as well. At first, it’s cute, sweet and innocent. It gives us great delight when our little person becomes inquisitive about the world around them. But somewhere along the line after about the 100th why, we begin to feel annoyed. I distinctly remember my mom often replying “because I SAID SO!” Period.

"When you know your WHY, you'll know your WAY." Michael Hyatt

I’ve always been inquisitive and a “why” person by nature. Why? Because I like to learn and because it helps me to “buy-in” when I know why. There is great value in asking yourself some “why” questions.

For example, why eat well? Meditate? Exercise? Make sleep a priority? Why is individual. Your why might be different than mine. I do my best to eat well because I truly believe that food is medicine and many of the chronic diseases that afflict a large population of Americans is preventable with good nutrition. As for meditation, I have found that when I take even 10-15 minutes to meditate I get immediate clarity. In a world of constant distraction, this clarity provides peace of mind and helps me stay focused on what’s important. I never had a sleep routine until recently. As I learned the benefits of getting consistent sleep and changed my own sleep habits I began to notice how much better I felt the next day. I was less angry, more patient and had more energy.

Exercise is a difficult one for me. This one is a challenge because I spend much of my time working and parenting. I used to only think about exercise at the end of the day or week and then it was in a negative way because I shamed myself for not having exercised at all or enough. As I’m getting ol