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New Beginnings

“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and to trust the magic of beginnings.” Meister Eckhart

Every season we have these innate urges that just take us over. Like spring cleaning. Many of us get that impulse to clean the house from top to bottom and open up the windows to let fresh air inside after the long winter. Or to clean up the yard and spread mulch in preparation for planting a garden.

Transitioning into a new season signals to us that it’s time to prepare for change. I love the symbolism of spring! We are surrounded by new life, growth and the promise of a fresh start. Of course, if your feet hit the ground in the morning you have a fresh start, but how often do we really think of it like that?? This weekend we “spring forward”, so it’s the perfect time to contemplate any changes you are considering.

What are you ready to give birth to? What dreams are welling up inside you and trying to burst forth? How do you know if you’re ready?

Whatever the change you are contemplating, whether it’s starting a consistent exercise program, writing that book you’ve talked about writing for decades, or improving your eating habits, it is a process. In each stage of the process, there is an unfolding that has to happen. We are all contemplating making changes in one area or another. The key is to dig down and decide WHY you want to make the change. Changing because someone else wants you to will generally not garner the motivation needed for lasting change. If you’ve got a strong enough WHY you will be able to tap into the energy and support that is needed for the change to be successful!

Another factor to consider is how confident you are in starting the new venture or making the change you desire. You’ve got to have a strong belief in yourself. Recalling past success stories can help remind you of your strengths and the characteristics you possess that will enable you to take the next step.

What areas of your life have you shown determination and persistence? Many years ago when I got my first “grown-up” job I started working at a credit union as a teller. It wasn’t long before I aced that position and looked for the next opportunity to grow. An opening for a loan officer became available and I applied for the position and was promoted. Again, eager to continue to be challenged I learned everything I could and gave it my all. I worked my way up the ranks and eventually became the youngest assistant branch manager of this large credit union at the age of 23. So, I’ve drawn on this past success many times in my life as a reminder that these characteristics can serve me again!

Timing is a factor that can’t be ignored. Everything has a season and a time. Are you READY to make the change? Simply put- if not NOW, WHEN? Seriously, maybe now is NOT the time. We sometimes get caught up in thinking about a thing that we think we should have accomplished years ago, when the truth of it is, we were not READY then! There are fascinating stories of archaeologists finding seeds that have dated back thousands of years old, and after lying dormant were planted, fertilized and sprouted! Every day we live new experiences, meet new people, learn something new and in each of these, we may be collecting all that we need to fertilize and cultivate a seed from long ago.

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” T.S. Eliot

Next Friday, March 13th, we will have our first ReConnect Retreat of the year. This retreat is designed to renew, replenish and reawaken the great potential within you! Dedicate the time you need to discover what ideas are ready to burst forth and watch a seed that was planted long ago take root and flourish!

With love and gratitude,

Kinda and Rachel

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