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Let Go and Create Anew

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." Paulo Coelho

I had a side gig last night that ended fairly late. The job was located about 40 minutes north of Atlanta, so it was closer to the north Georgia mountains in an area where there is more wildlife. Except for the Christmas lights illuminating the houses, it was very dark and as I drove through the neighborhood slowly, I noticed a couple of large deer while heading to the highway to drive back home. Just a few miles from my house a spark of blue and orange light caught my eye and realizing that it was a meteoroid, I got excited! I’ve seen plenty of shooting stars through the night sky, but never one actually falling to the ground at such close range! It was a magical moment reminding me that we are floating through space on this big ball called Earth!

Though I enjoy the holidays and all of the festivities, I will admit that winter is not my favorite season. I love the warmth of summer. I grew up in South Florida, and I am a Leo, so the fiery warmth of the sun is where I thrive. But even though I am not fond of winter, I understand and honor the importance of all seasons and what they symbolize. The cold and dark of winter sends us inward, both mentally and physically. We retreat into our homes seeking warmth and comfort as we cozy up by the fire with blankets, wooly socks, and pajamas. We crave warming foods like pots of chili or stew and we share hot cocoa with friends and family. Due to the longer nights and shorter, colder days it also allows us more quiet time for reflection. We know a new year is approaching, so our minds turn to the possibilities of growth and potential. But in order for something new to grow, something old must die off.

On Friday, Rachel and I had our last ReConnect Retreat of the year. We focused on releasing the things that hold us back so that we can go into the New Year with a clearer vision of not only where we want to go, but how we can make those things come to fruition. Now is a perfect time to reflect on the past year and to ask yourself some questions in preparation for the New Year. What areas have you grown this past year? Where do you feel stuck, physically or mentally? What behaviors, mindsets or habits have held you back? What are you willing to let go of?

Using fire energy to purify, to get rid of old thoughts and behaviors, and also ignite the passion and desire within us helps to propel us forward into new thinking and new