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A Joyful Life

Find a place where there’s joy inside, and the joy will burn out the pain.- Joseph Campbell

Joy comes at the most serendipitous times for me. Last Sunday during our ConnectEd Workshop we went for a “mindfulness walk” around the pond at the Smyrna Community Center. In an effort to bring awareness to the importance and beauty of the trees in our city the Smyrna Tree Scarf Project “yarn-bombed” the trees around the path surrounding the pond. It was a beautiful day, one that was reminiscent of fall. There was a nice breeze and the temperature had dropped into the 70’s, a rarity for late August. I was enjoying the various displays on the trees, when I came to a tree that had a heart hanging from it, and was encircled with a rainbow of colors and the words “free tree hugs”. I smiled, because I consider myself a “tree hugger”. And as I got a closer look, walking around the tree I saw various flowers, bees and hearts that were knitted within the display. And then I saw a gigantic strawberry, and it immediately hit me. My mom. When I was a teenager my mom went through a phase where she collected all things strawberries- strawberry dishes, canisters, glasses, salt & pepper shakers. Our kitchen was filled with strawberries. In this moment I was overtaken by joy for this reminder of my mom, who had passed away over 14 years ago.