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ReConnectEd To Life: One Step at a Time

We are constantly changing and evolving. That is the nature of life. There is an innate force that drives us towards growth and reaching our potential, and there is an opposing force which we are continually battling. Homeostasis (homeo- similar, stasis- standing still) is that protective mechanism that wants to keep things status quo. You know, that can be kind of handy on a day to day basis to get things done. But there comes a point that this mechanism does not serve us and instead holds us back. Thus the internal tug-of-war. There is, of course, a value in both. One helps us to cope and keeps us safe, and the other drives us towards progress and growth.

In order to make any progress, you’ve got to start where you are, by asking yourself tough questions and becoming aware. You’ve then got to accept where you are, which requires putting your ego aside. This in itself is a daunting task. Frequently, we get so caught up in thinking about how we got where we are, that we can’t move beyond our current circumstances.

If we want to become unstuck we’ve got to do the work. There’s no skipping ahead and there are no shortcuts when it comes to moving forward and pushing ourselves towards our potential. Each step is necessary to build the strength and tenacity required to make progress.

In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.- Abraham Maslow

The best way to reach our goals/dreams/desires is to make sure that self-care is a priority. It’s difficult to do the work that is needed if we are tired, have low energy, or are stressed out. We don’t make good decisions and are not clear about the next steps when we don’t stop to take a minute. Clarity comes only when we get quiet and listen.

You are most likely not going to throw out everything in your pantry and refrigerator and change your eating habits overnight. And chances are that you are not going to get up off of the couch tomorrow and run a marathon. But you can make a little progress every day. A little adds up to a lot. We are here to help you create new habits for self-care, whether it’s through one of our workshops, retreats, women’s group, coaching or online series.